Prime Design Mark

An initiative for highlighting original design value within
well designed products.

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Application & Utilization
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Prime Design Mark

A symbol on your products & product packages for a better designed world for you and future.

You will see this symbol appearing on products and product packages worldwide that have been identified as original and Prime Design products.

The Prime Design Seal and Prime Design Mark scheme was started to promote Prime Design practices among companies by providing a solid reference for customers while making their purchase decisions.



Mark for Great Design

The prime design mark is awarded for original and high intrinsic design value.

The Prime Design Mark is awarded to products or services that meet a certain level of original design quality, which positively differentiates the awardees from commoditized offerings. The quality criteria is defined based on the form and function of the licensed product or service.

If a product has Prime Design mark, it means, the awarded design is considered a Prime Design; it has a better, distinct form or function that aim to improve the customer satisfaction.


Application & Utilization

Obtaining the Marks

Obtaining Prime Design Mark

Prime Design Marks are licensed free of charge to products that win the A' Design Award, application for prime design mark is made through A' Design Award, and given only to award winning designs that have not only won the A' Design Award by obtaining a winner status by scoring a high level in the applied competition category but also pass a physical inspection. Application to A' Design Award is subject to a fee that is based on the competition period.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria for Prime Design Mark

Only designs that are a winner of A' Design Award is given the right to use the Prime Design Mark.

In most cases, the Prime Design mark is automatically provided upon physical examination, testing or previewing the applicant products or the services that have already won the A' Design Award.

To learn more about the A' Design Award, please visit


Application Requirements

Steps Required for Prime Design Mark

1. Filled A' Design Award Application Form for the Relevant Product or Service (Among with Profile & Corporate Details, Logo, High-Resolution Images of the Product or Service, Technical PDF Documentation, and Technical Explanations)
2. Nomination (At this step express evaluation service can be ordered to speed-up the process).
3. A' Design Award Winner Certificate (The Prime Design Mark will be only provided to A' Design Award winners, if your product does not win the A' Design Award, you will not be granted the usage rights).
4. Physical Submission or Testing (Products: A Sample of the product to be sent to A' Design Award, which will also be used during the exhibition. Services: Shadow Customer experience, or preview of the service in action).


Obtaining the Prime Design Mark License to Use

Prime Design Marks require additional self-declaration by the applicants that indicate the products' confirmity with international quality standards. Once the application process is made through the A' Design Award platform. The copy of the self-declaration is kept, and will be available to public on request; the self-declaration is a commitment by the applicant, and a legal declaration to support the proof of good conduct.

Utilizing the Marks

Utilizing Prime Design Mark

Companies that have been awarded with the Prime Design Mark, can use the mark in their visible communication, on product packaging and other public materials. A License number indicating the application identifier could optionally be incorporated below the logo or alternatively the QR code version of the logo can be used.

Prime Design Mark

Symbol + URL + License #ID.

Each Prime Design mark, features the Prime Design mark logo, a URL and a license number.

This number is used for verifying the validity of the mark as well as its quality level. Any logo without the url or without website address is not valid.

The logo must be printed using gold color, whenever possible with PANTONE® PQ-0952 TCX Nugget Gold, RGB #C89720 with metallic finish


Verify License

Control Validity of Prime Design Mark

Check if a Prime Design Mark license is valid or not

Enter the Prime Design Mark License code on the product to see if the product has a valid license or not. The page will display a green check sign if valid, red if not valid. Furthermore, a link to more details about the product will be presented. To check the validity of a Prime Design Mark License, please input the 5-6 digit license code (written after VERIFY text in URL) below:



Report Misuse

Please contact us to report any misuse or unauthorized uses of the Prime Design mark

The Prime Design Mark is managed by A' Design Awards, and are provided to companies that pass highly strict quality criteria, and those which prove themselves to be efficent, functional and innovative.

If you believe that a company is misusing the Prime Design mark please contact A' Design Awards, we will start the required procedures shortly and let you know about the status.