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How it works

Brands submit their products for awards consideration by a large jury panel.
Good design products are awarded with the Prime Design Mark.

Product Inspection

Selected good design products are physically inspected for eligibility.

Mark Licensing

Eligible products are awarded with Prime Design Mark License and Label Use Rights.

Marketing Promotion

Brands use Prime Design Mark to communicate good design within their products.

Consumer Verification

Consumers can verify a Prime Design Mark and learn more about the product.

Promote Good.

The Prime Design Mark is awarded for original good design.

Awarded to products that meet a certain level of original design quality, the Prime Design Mark aims to positively differentiates the awardees from commoditized offerings.

Awarded after formal application and request by the brands and product manufacturers upon evaluation and inspection of their product.

Eligibility Criteria

Only designs that are a winner of A' Design Award is given the right to use the Prime Design Mark, after physical inspection.

Good Design Quality

The design quality and evaluation criteria is defined based on the form and function of the product.

Symbol Idenentity

The Good Design Mark is not a claim to performance, but to design of the product.

Get a Prime Design Mark

Prime Design Marks are licensed to products that first of all win the A' Design Award and then pass a physical inspection. Before physical inspection, an application for Prime Design Mark is made through the international juried A' Design Award.

Prime Design Mark is given only to award winning designs that have not only won the A' Design Award by obtaining a winner status by scoring a high level in their competition category but also pass a physical inspection.

Prime Design Marks require additional self-declaration by the applicants that indicate the products' confirmity with international quality standards. Once the application process is made through the A' Design Award platform. The copy of the self-declaration is kept, and will be available to public on request; the self-declaration is a commitment by the applicant, and a legal declaration to support the proof of good conduct.

Verify a Prime Design Mark

Input the 8-Digit Prime Design Mark Code within the label to check if a Prime Design Mark is valid or not.

When you control validity of a Prime Design Mark, you will be shown a green check sign if the mark is valid or a red x if the mark is not valid.

If a mark is valid, product image and information is displayed to help you cross check to see if the mark corresponds to the right product.